AI Tool Creates Strange Reimaginations Of Popular British Monuments

By Toby T

No matter how impressive a tourist attraction is, it just can’t get all the love. And, if you’ve ever been to any review site, you’d see the vitriol with which certain people post their reviews. Simply head over to Yelp! or TripAdvisor, and you’ll see just how cynical a lot of people can be in this era. They see pretty much anything historical or natural, and they’d immediately rate it terrible. 

Source: @nervum/Unsplash

Still, these guys hold a special place in our society. And recently, My Favourite Cottages decided to employ DallE-2 – a text-to-image AI art generator – to visualize some of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK and how they might appear based on the worst TripAdvisor reviews of them. 

Look at Stonehenge. The unique monument located in the south of England is thousands of years old, and while it is as mysterious as it is legendary, it has inspired a lot of insights into Neolithic Britain and the people who once called this land home.

All in all, Stonehenge has an overall rating of four stars on TripAdvisor. Still, not everyone thinks it’s so great. One person described it as a pointless pile of rocks, advising others not to waste their time with the monument. Another person adds that they have no idea why anyone would want to view the monument in the first place. 

Source: @ebommart/Unsplash

Some reviewers fumed at the fact that there were many security guards and barbed wire fences at the monument’s site, all of which blocked the view. So, DallE-2 created images based on these reviews, and Stonehenge looks like some crazy Orwellian nightmare with a bunch of Neolithic rocks in the back.

Besides Stonehenge, DallE-2 has also lent its powers of imagination to several popular monuments in the United Kingdom; these include Snowdon, Brighton Pier, Giant’s Causeway, the Tower of London, and Edinburgh Castle.