Marvel Makeover: AI Reimagines Old Hollywood Stars As Superheroes

By Jishnu B

Welcome to a world where Marvel characters and Old Hollywood glamour collide in a cosmic spectacle of timeless elegance and charming eccentricity, all brought to life with the innovative touch of Midjourney AI. In this whimsical reimagining, our beloved superheroes and villains are transported from the pages of comic books to the golden age of cinema.

Picture Marlon Brando as the Shakespearean supervillain Victor von Doom, commanding the screen with regal malevolence, or Mickey Rooney swinging through the city streets as the endearing Spider-Man. From the sultry mystique of Vincent Price’s Dr. Strange to the cosmic enigma of So Yamamura’s The Mandarin, each character dons a new persona infused with the iconic style of Hollywood’s yesteryears.

Join us as we unravel this tapestry of 1950s glamour woven with superpowered threads, celebrating the collision of two legendary worlds in ways that are both familiar and fantastically fresh.

50s Iron Man: A Briefcase Full of Bling and Blasters

1950s high-tech business meets heroism with Iron Man, who’s not just a genius inventor but also a sharp-dressed superhero. Imagine him striding into a board meeting, his impeccable suit concealing an arsenal of gadgets that are the envy of any secret agent. When business turns explosive, he trades spreadsheets for repulsor beams!

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Yet, underneath that polished exterior lies a man who’s struggled with a stain removal problem. It turns out that no matter how advanced your suit is, it’s nearly impossible to get ink stains out of a tailored tuxedo! But hey, when you’re saving the world, ink is a small price to pay for heroism.

Alec Guinness as Kang: The Time-Traveling Tour de Force

Enter a world of time-bending intrigue with Alec Guinness as Kang the Conqueror. His monocle doubles as a time-traveling device as he weaves through history like a master conductor guiding a symphony. But this time-traveling maestro isn’t all business—he pops in at famous events just to spice things up and leave historians scratching their heads.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And don’t be surprised if you catch Kang indulging in futuristic pleasures during his off hours. He’s been spotted at 1950s drive-in theaters watching sci-fi B-movies and munching on popcorn. When asked about the anachronism, he just shrugs and explains that sometimes, even a time-traveling conqueror needs a little popcorn-fueled relaxation.

Audrey Hepburn as Black Widow: Elegant Espionage

Audrey Hepburn takes on a new role as Black Widow, a spy whose elegance is as lethal as her skills. Imagine her at a 1950s masquerade ball, effortlessly blending in with high society while covertly gathering intelligence. Additionally, she’s a master of style who leaves a trail of envious fashion admirers in her wake.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When she’s not outsmarting the bad guys, she’s indulging in her favorite guilty pleasure: decoding secret messages hidden in the classified ads of fashion magazines. It’s a mix of high fashion and high-stakes intrigue that only Audrey’s Black Widow could pull off with such grace and glamor.

Charlton Heston as Dr. Donald Blake: Thunderstruck and Timeless

Charlton Heston breathes life into Dr. Donald Blake, an unassuming doctor whose world is turned upside down when he discovers a mysterious hammer in a hidden cave. As he lifts the hammer and transforms into the mighty Thor, it’s a spectacle that blends ancient mythology with 1950s Hollywood grandeur.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

In a surprising twist, Charlton Heston’s Thor becomes the unwitting inspiration for a series of popular Viking-themed dance numbers at the local 1950s diner. The townsfolk are treated to a show of thunderous moves and lightning-fast footwork, turning Thor into a cultural phenomenon that transcends time and genre.

Doctor Doom: Villainy, Theatrics, and Tea

Doctor Doom, played with Shakespearean gravitas, introduces a touch of the theatrical to villainy. Behind his grandiose plots lies a soft spot for afternoon tea and an obsession with collecting rare teacups. As he monologues about world domination, he’s also known to critique the brewing techniques of his captive heroes.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Doctor Doom isn’t plotting global domination, he’s indulging in his secret guilty pleasure: knitting. Picture the fearsome tyrant clicking away with oversized knitting needles, creating intricate scarves and villainous sweaters that strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. His portrayal brings a whimsical twist to villainy that’s both captivating and comical.

Doris Day as Captain Marvel: Wholesome Heroine of the Skies

Doris Day as Captain Marvel is a beacon of wholesomeness in a world of heroism. With a smile as bright as the stars and a heart as pure as her intentions, she soars through the sky with grace. Whether she’s battling supervillains or crooning a cheerful tune, she embodies the 1950s in every heroic deed.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And when Captain Marvel isn’t fighting crime, she’s volunteering at local charity events, organizing picnics for underprivileged families, and using her super-strength to assemble playground equipment in record time. Her portrayal showcases the power of kindness and heroism, proving that sometimes, the mightiest acts come from the gentlest hearts.

Dorothy Dandridge as the Black Panther: Feline Grace and Fearlessness

Dorothy Dandridge brings regal power to the role of the Black Panther, a hero whose elegance is matched only by her strength. Imagine her prowling through the shadows, her Wakandan suit shimmering like stardust. With every step, she commands attention, proving that fearlessness and grace can coexist in the heart of a hero.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When the Black Panther isn’t thwarting evildoers, she’s championing causes that matter. Picture her leading rallies for equality and justice, her presence inspiring change with every impassioned speech. Her portrayal adds depth to the character, making the Black Panther a symbol of both strength and hope.

Dr. Blake’s Mysterious Hammer: A Twist of Fate Unveiled

Dr. Donald Blake’s life takes an unexpected turn when he grasps a mysterious hammer, and a surge of power courses through him, revealing his destiny as Thor. The ordinary doctor is now transformed into a mythic figure. A hero whose journey from humble beginnings to godly power is a mix of legend and Hollywood allure.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

With the power of a thunder god, Dr. Blake faces unexpected challenges. Imagine him struggling to find a tailor who can alter his suits to accommodate his new muscles or attempting to navigate life while inadvertently summoning lightning bolts with every frustrated sigh. It’s a humorous twist that proves that even gods have awkward moments.

Dr. Blake’s Thunderous Transformation: The Birth of Thor

Dr. Donald Blake’s transformation into the thunderous Thor is a cinematic spectacle that leaves audiences in awe. As lightning crackles and storm clouds gather, the hammer Mjolnir transforms him into a force of nature. The fusion of ancient myth and 1950s Hollywood magic creates a larger-than-life moment that’s both majestic and thrilling.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

In a delightful twist, imagine Thor attempting to navigate everyday activities with his newly acquired godly powers. From accidentally shattering glasses when reaching for a drink to inadvertently creating windstorms when attempting to blow out birthday candles, his journey into godhood is filled with hilarious mishaps that blend the divine with the relatable.

Elizabeth Taylor as The Enchantress: Glamour and Spells

Elizabeth Taylor takes on the role of The Enchantress, infusing her beauty with otherworldly allure. With a wave of her hand and a sultry gaze, she weaves spells that captivate both heroes and villains. It’s a tale of mystery and undeniable charm that only the glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood can deliver.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

The Enchantress has a penchant for the dramatic. Imagine her turning an ordinary evening into a captivating masquerade ball with the flick of her wrist or transforming mundane objects into intricate works of art with a whispered incantation. Taylor’s portrayal adds complexity to the character, making her a bewitching blend of beauty and power.

Ernest Borgnine as Wolverine: Gruff and Grizzled Charm

Ernest Borgnine as Wolverine infuses the character with his signature gruff charisma. With a cigar clenched between his teeth and a demeanor that says, “Don’t mess with me,” he’s a tough hero who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Whether he’s slashing through enemies or sharing hard-earned wisdom, he’s the epitome of rugged charm.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

But beneath that tough exterior, there’s a soft spot for a little romance. Picture Wolverine attempting to woo a potential love interest with a bouquet of roses and a gruffly muttered compliment that takes her by surprise. He is a unique blend of tough exterior and tender emotions that adds depth to his grizzled persona.

Frank Sinatra as Cyclops: Crooner with Optic Blasts

Frank Sinatra surprises audiences by stepping into the role of Cyclops, a hero whose crooning voice is matched only by his optic blasts. Imagine him belting out tunes while simultaneously obliterating obstacles in his path. It’s a spectacle that combines musical charm with superpowered action in a way that only 1950s Hollywood could achieve.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Imagine Cyclops accidentally using his optic blasts to illuminate the stage during a romantic serenade, creating a dazzling light show that has the audience both applauding and shielding their eyes. Sinatra’s portrayal adds layers of entertainment and humor to the character, proving that even heroes can’t escape the occasional stage mishap.

Gary Cooper as Bruce Banner: The Brooding Scientist

Gary Cooper channels his brooding intensity into the role of Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist grappling with a volatile secret. As he transforms into the Hulk, it’s a tale of inner turmoil and outer destruction, set against the backdrop of the enigmatic 1950s Hollywood landscape.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Even in the throes of transformation, he maintains a sense of quiet dignity. Picture him attempting to navigate everyday life while dealing with the occasional Hulk outburst. Whether he’s accidentally crushing a coffee cup or struggling to fit through a door frame, his portrayal adds a touch of poignancy to the character’s struggle.

Gunnar Bjornstrand as The Red Skull: Scandinavian Menace

Gunnar Bjornstrand infuses The Red Skull with a chilling malevolence that’s as captivating as it is terrifying. With piercing blue eyes and an air of superiority, he masterminds plans that threaten the very fabric of the 1950s universe. It’s a battle of wits and wills as our heroes stand against this formidable foe.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Let’s not forget The Red Skull’s unexpected love for Scandinavian baking. Picture him meticulously crafting sinister gingerbread houses with intricate frosting details that depict his evil plans. It’s a bizarre yet oddly endearing hobby that adds depth and complexity to the character, making him both a menacing villain and an unwitting pastry chef.

Hattie McDaniel as Queen Ramonda: Grace and Strength

Hattie McDaniel brings regal power to the role of Queen Ramonda, blending grace with unwavering strength. With a presence that commands respect and wisdom that guides her people, she’s the heart and soul of Wakanda. Her portrayal serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of representation and the magic of Old Hollywood.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Behind the scenes, Hattie McDaniel’s Queen Ramonda is known for her love of classic movie trivia nights, often challenging her advisors to recite famous lines and obscure facts from 1950s films. Her portrayal adds layers of relatability to the character, making Queen Ramonda a figure both regal and refreshingly down-to-earth.

Hulk Gets Hulk Hands: Smashingly Hilarious

In a world of superhero gadgets, Hulk finds himself equipped with a pair of oversized foam “Hulk Hands” that he can’t resist using. As he rampages through sets and inadvertently demolishes props, the 1950s Hollywood landscape becomes a slapstick battlefield. It’s a tale of green fury and foam-filled chaos that leaves audiences rolling with laughter.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Imagine the Hulk attempting to use his foam fists for everyday tasks, from opening doors to eating a sandwich. And when he finally confronts the villain, the showdown turns into a side-splitting spectacle of foam-fisted hilarity, transforming a traditional battle into a comedic masterpiece that defies expectations.

Humphrey Bogart as Nicholas J. Fury: Director of SHIELD

Humphrey Bogart lends his tough-talking charm to the role of Nicholas J. Fury, the unflappable director of SHIELD. With an eyepatch and a fedora, he commands loyalty and respect from his team of agents. In a world of shadows and secrets, he’s the ultimate spymaster, navigating the treacherous waters of espionage.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Nicholas J. Fury isn’t overseeing SHIELD operations, he’s known to indulge in impromptu harmonica solos in his office, adding a touch of bluesy intrigue to his enigmatic persona. Humphrey Bogart’s portrayal adds layers of complexity to the character, making Fury a blend of gritty determination and unexpected musical flair.

Clark Gable as Tony Stark: Suave and Superpowered

Clark Gable is now Tony Stark, the suave billionaire with a high-tech secret. Picture him emerging from his mansion in a tailor-made suit that’s as sleek as his repulsor beams. But even in the face of danger, he maintains that Gable grin, proving he’s not just a hero but also a heartthrob in every way.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Furthermore, let’s not forget Tony’s penchant for using his technology to solve everyday problems in uniquely stylish ways. Whether it’s using repulsor beams to uncork a bottle of champagne or designing a suit that doubles as a tuxedo for impromptu galas, Gable’s Tony Stark is a master of blending utility with undeniable flair.

James Dean as Hawkeye: Rebel Marksman

James Dean embodies the rebellious spirit of Hawkeye, a marksman whose brooding intensity is matched only by his precision. With a bow slung over his shoulder and a quiver full of arrows, he takes aim at injustice with a nonchalant attitude that belies his deadly accuracy. It’s a clash of coolness and precision.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Hawkeye isn’t in the midst of battle, he’s at local 1950s diners, impressing patrons with his ability to hit targets with toothpicks and straw wrappers. His portrayal adds a layer of mischievous charm to the character, showing that even in the heat of battle, a rebellious spirit can find moments of light-hearted fun.

James Stewart as Dr. Reed Richards: Mr. Fantastic’s Whimsical Wisdom

James Stewart brings his signature whimsy and wisdom to the role of Dr. Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic. With a twinkle in his eye and stretchable limbs, he navigates heroism with a unique blend of charm and intellect. It’s a tale of stretching boundaries and smiles in the face of danger.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Mr. Fantastic isn’t saving the day, he indulges in quirky experiments that merge science with slapstick. Picture him attempting to turn his stretching abilities into a circus act, contorting his body into absurd shapes that have his fellow heroes both amazed and amused. Stewart’s portrayal adds layers of lightheartedness and intellect to the character.

Jerry Lewis as Loki: Pranks and Pandemonium

Jerry Lewis injects Loki with a mischievous charm that turns villainy into a whirlwind of pranks and chaos. With rubbery expressions and an irrepressible sense of fun, he weaves a web of tricks that confound heroes and villains alike. He’s the god of laughter, leaving audiences in stitches with every twist of his magical tomfoolery.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And when Loki isn’t causing mayhem, he’s been known to show up at parties unannounced, transforming into various animals and impersonating famous actors of the time. Picture him turning into a tap-dancing penguin or delivering Shakespearean soliloquies as a talking parrot. Lewis’s portrayal proves that even villains can find joy in causing pandemonium.

John Wayne as Captain America: True Grit, True Hero

John Wayne embodies the unwavering spirit of Captain America, bringing his cowboy charisma to the star-spangled hero. With a star-spangled cowl, he fights for justice and liberty with a sense of determination that’s as rugged as the Old West itself. He’s not just a hero; he’s an embodiment of the timeless American spirit.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

On days Captain America isn’t facing down supervillains, he’s known to organize charity rodeos and square dances to raise funds for those in need. Picture him twirling a lasso while leading a conga line, his signature charm inspiring others to join in the fun while supporting noble causes.

Kim Novak as Dr. Sue Storm: The Radiant Ruler of Invisibility

Kim Novak steps into the role of Dr. Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman whose beauty is matched only by her power. With a radiant presence and a heart of gold, she navigates the challenges of heroism with determination. She’s not just a force of nature; she’s a beacon of light in a world of shadows.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Dr. Sue Storm isn’t using her invisibility powers to thwart evildoers, she’s volunteering at local charity events, using her unique abilities to spread joy among children and families. Her portrayal adds depth to the character, making the Invisible Woman not just a superhero but a symbol of hope and kindness.

Kirk Douglas as Hank Pym: The Daring Scientist

Kirk Douglas takes on the role of Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist whose experiments lead to an astonishing discovery. With charisma and a touch of 1950s Hollywood swagger, he develops the technology to shrink and grow at will. As he dons his shrinking suit, he becomes Ant-Man, navigating a world that’s both vast and miniature.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And in a comedic twist, imagine Ant-Man trying to navigate a world of oversized obstacles when shrunk down to a minuscule size. From avoiding towering cups of coffee to riding on the back of a house cat, his miniature adventures are a mix of danger and humor that redefine the meaning of a “small problem.”

Lon Cheney as Beast: A Gentle Giant’s Struggle

Lon Cheney steps into the role of Beast, a mutant whose intellect and strength are matched only by his struggle for acceptance. With his iconic makeup and prosthetics, he embodies the dichotomy of beauty and beastliness. In a world where appearances often deceive, he’s a hero whose heart shines brighter than his fur.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Behind the scenes, Lon Cheney’s Beast is known for his love of Shakespearean theater, often reciting soliloquies and rehearsing scenes from classic plays. His portrayal adds layers of complexity to the character, making Beast a figure both misunderstood and magnificently multifaceted.

Marilyn Monroe as Emma Frost: Diamond and Diva

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic glamor takes on a new form as she becomes Emma Frost, a mutant with the power to transform her skin into diamond. With her stunning beauty and telepathic abilities, she navigates a world of secrets and intrigue with an air of mystery that’s as captivating as her presence.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

But even a diamond telepath has her quirks, and Emma Frost is known for her obsession with vintage fashion and classic Hollywood films. Picture her engaging in heated telepathic debates about which leading man was the ultimate heartthrob or using her diamond form to perfectly reflect the spotlight during impromptu dance numbers.

Marlon Brando as Victor von Doom: The Shakespearean Supervillain

Marlon Brando takes on the role of Victor von Doom, infusing the character with a flair that elevates his villainy to operatic heights. With a commanding presence and regal demeanor, he plots world domination with the conviction of a tragic hero turned malevolent.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And even as Doom schemes for dominion, he’s known to host extravagant galas and masquerade balls, complete with elaborate disguises and grandiose speeches that leave his guests both captivated and unnerved. Brando’s portrayal adds layers of complexity to the character, making Victor von Doom a supervillain whose villainy is as captivating as his dramatic monologues.

Mickey Rooney as Spider-Man: Web-Swinging Whimsy

Mickey Rooney swings into action as Spider-Man, infusing the character with his signature charm and exuberance. With boundless energy and a mischievous grin, he navigates the city’s rooftops with agility and a sense of wonder that’s both infectious and endearing. Acrobatics, quips, and high-flying adventures are brought to life with his unmistakable spirit.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Spider-Man isn’t thwarting villains, he’s performing impromptu tap-dance routines on the side of buildings or orchestrating flash mobs in the heart of Times Square. Rooney’s portrayal adds layers of whimsy to the character, making Spider-Man not just a hero but a beacon of lighthearted fun in a world of danger.

Mr. Fantastic: Stretching the Boundaries of Heroism

Mr. Fantastic, portrayed with intellectual gravitas, takes center stage with his stretchable limbs and brilliant mind. With a lab coat and a trusty notebook, he battles both supervillains and complex equations. Get ready for a tale of the infinite possibilities that come with the power of elasticity, presented with a blend of curiosity and determination.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

There are times when Mr. Fantastic isn’t just stretching his body. He’s often stretching the limits of his culinary skills, attempting to create gourmet meals using his malleable limbs to juggle ingredients and utensils. This portrayal adds quirkiness to the character, making Mr. Fantastic a hero whose potential is as limitless as his elastic abilities.

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman: Dynamic Duo of Love and Leadership

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman form a dynamic duo that transcends both heroism and marriage. With stretchable limbs and invisibility at their command, they navigate challenges both cosmic and domestic. Teamwork, trust, and the enduring power of love, presented with a balance of action and emotion, take center stage here.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When they’re not saving the world, these two are known for their charming picnics on the rooftops of New York City, blending their powers to create invisible feasts and stretchable gourmet delights. Their portrayal adds layers of romance and relatability to the characters, making them a superhero couple that’s as enchanting as it is enduring.

Nat King Cole as The Falcon: Smooth Soaring Hero

Nat King Cole as The Falcon infuses the character with his smooth voice and soaring spirit. With a pair of majestic wings and an unwavering sense of justice, he protects the innocent and upholds the values he holds dear. It’s a tale of rhythm, courage, and the harmony that comes from fighting for what’s right.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Whenever The Falcon isn’t fighting crime, he’s performing rooftop concerts for the citizens of his city, using his musical talents to inspire hope and unity in the face of adversity. Nat King Cole’s portrayal adds elegance and empowerment to the character, making The Falcon a hero whose beats are as captivating as his bravery.

Omar Sharif as Moon Knight: Mysterious Hero of the Night

As Moon Knight, Omar Sharif has a mysterious allure that’s as captivating as the moonlight. With a white cloak and an enigmatic demeanor, he navigates the shadows with a sense of purpose that’s as deep as the night sky. His charisma takes center stage with a hint of darkness, destiny, and the duality of heroism.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Other than patrolling the streets, Moon Knight often indulges in astronomy, spending nights gazing at the stars and drawing inspiration from the cosmic mysteries that mirror his own enigmatic persona. His portrayal makes Moon Knight a hero whose darkness is as compelling as his dedication.

Sidney Poitier as Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Heroic New Beginnings

Sidney Poitier steps into the role of Spider-Man, as the inspiring Miles Morales. With mentorship and charisma, he takes on the responsibility of a new generation of heroism. It’s a tale of growth, identity, and the power that comes from stepping into the shoes of a legendary web-slinger, presented with Poitier’s magnetic presence.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Other than saving the day, he’s also involved in community projects and youth outreach, using his platform to inspire the next generation and remind them that anyone can wear the mask. Sidney Poitier’s portrayal adds layers of mentorship and motivation to the character, making Spider-Man a hero whose legacy extends beyond the web.

So Yamamura as The Mandarin: Enigmatic Master of Rings

So Yamamura takes on the role of The Mandarin, infusing the character with an enigmatic power that’s matched only by his ancient wisdom. With ten rings at his disposal and a sense of gravitas, he plots world domination with a sophistication that’s as captivating as it is chilling.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And even as The Mandarin seeks ultimate power, he’s famed for his intricate tea ceremonies that he uses to manipulate and control those around him, turning a simple cup of tea into a psychological weapon. Yamamura makes The Mandarin a villain whose power is as seductive as it is sinister.

Steve Reeves as The Incredible Hulk: Muscle-Bound Fury

Steve Reeves steps into the role of The Incredible Hulk, infusing the character with his legendary bodybuilder physique and a sense of primal rage. With muscles that bulge and green skin that radiates fury, he smashes through obstacles with a strength that’s as awe-inspiring as it is overwhelming.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And when The Incredible Hulk isn’t smashing villains, he’s known for his charitable efforts, using his immense strength to build homes and infrastructure for communities in need. Steve Reeves’ portrayal adds layers of humanity to the character, making The Hulk a hero whose strength is matched by his compassion.

The Ant-Man: Tiny Hero, Giant Heart

The Ant-Man takes center stage here with his ability to shrink and communicate with ants. With a miniature suit and a giant heart, he navigates a world that’s both vast and tiny, using his size-changing abilities to thwart villains and create a big impact.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Ant-Man isn’t saving the day, he’s known for his love of picnics and his ability to turn even the tiniest nooks and crannies into delightful dining experiences. The Ant-Man is a hero whose small stature is matched only by his big heart.

Tony Stark congratulates The Iron Spider: Mentoring in Metal

In this one, Tony Stark congratulates The Iron Spider for his accomplishments. He commends the young hero for stepping up and embracing the mantle of responsibility with his genius intellect and a touch of paternal guidance. This is about growth, guidance, and the passing of the torch from one armored hero to another.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

And as Stark congratulates The Iron Spider, he shares tales of his own early days as Iron Man, complete with humorous mishaps and high-tech hiccups. He brings out nostalgia and camaraderie to the scene, making the passing of the hero’s legacy a moment of celebration and reflection.

Verne Gagne as Thanos: Wrestling with Cosmic Power

With the Infinity Gauntlet at his command and a sense of cosmic gravitas, Verve Gagne as Thanos seeks to reshape the universe with a villainous determination that’s as grand as a championship wrestling match. This story takes you on a journey of power, purpose, and the struggle to balance personal ambition with the greater good.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

Although Thanos battles for control, he’s mostly known for his interest in philosophical debates and his ability to engage his adversaries in discussions about the nature of existence. His portrayal adds layers of complexity and depth to the character, making Thanos a villain whose motivations are as multifaceted as the rings on his cosmic gauntlet.

Vincent Price as Dr. Strange: Mystical Elegance and Eerie Wisdom

Vincent Price’s Dr. Strange boasts eerie elegance and enigmatic wisdom. He navigates the mystical realms with a sense of purpose that’s as captivating as it is uncanny, alongside his cloak of levitation and a touch of theatricality. It’s a tale of magic, mystery, and the arcane arts presented with Price’s iconic voice and presence.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

When Dr. Strange isn’t delving into the occult, he’s known for hosting séances and mystical tea parties, using his powers to conjure ethereal melodies and create a magical atmosphere. His portrayal makes Dr. Strange a sorcerer whose magic is as enchanting as it is unsettling.

Max von Sydow as The Vision: European Villain Turned Hero

Max von Sydow as The Vision is a portrayal we couldn’t have thought of, but now that it’s here, we can’t think of any other Old Hollywood star who would do better in the role. He effortlessly transcends the purpose Ultron made him for and charts his own path as one of the do-gooders.

Image Credit: @Psychological-Rise36/Reddit

But with this choice comes dire consequences. That said, Vision is still the beloved character whose charms never fail to amuse us. With Sydow portraying him, he has an additional edge as a diplomat seeing as he is fluent in over five languages.